Friday, June 27, 2008

Ghost Boy

I have a mystery for you, dear friends.  

My new roommate, Jessica, is putting together a slide show for her sister-in-law's upcoming wedding, and was sent a large pile of digital photos to sort through.  I'm going to help her out a bit with the slideshow, and we were looking through photos last night, and found this one (click to enlarge): 

Now, what the hell is going on in this photo?  Is that boy transparent?  

My first assumption was that this was a film photo, and it was just a case of double exposure, but it turns out that it was definitely taken on a digital camera.  It's not a case of the shutter being open for too long, because the image on the television is quite sharp and stationary.

I also can't make him out in the reflections in the fireplace panel.  The child does belong to the family in the photo, but unless he's got some astral projection abilities, I can't sort this one out.  Any theories?

And, furthermore, is this as good as the ghost I caught on camera on spring break?

Just behind the brick thing, on the left - I've even got it zoomed a little.  Totally a face.


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Big D said...

That's a motion blur around the kid in the first picture. I have a digital camera and it happens all the time, usually when I turn the flash off. And in the second picture, that's clearly an evil ghost.