Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Have Some Treats - on me.

How To Write a Short Film

How To Make your Film a (Total) Cliche
I'm quite proud of this one - read it.

Monday, October 29, 2007


So, I learned early on that people respond well to bullet points. For instance, most people are much more likely to disregard "An Essay on Making your Dog look like Royalty," and try to find the article on Page 43 that says, "Fourteen Steps to Turn your Pooch into a Princess."

Now, sliding over the people who'd want this type of subject matter, and what should be done to them, the fact remains that bullet points make for happier, and overall more appealing writing.

So, I've been doing just that for the past few days. I did a 'Ten Ways to" article on auditioning, and have been laboring over this How-To endeavor, which requires six more articles by the end of the week. Actually, maybe I should do one on how to sweeten your article, with bullet-pointing at the forefront.

Anyway, have a look my collegetips article (1 of 3, so far) that went up sometime last night while I go brainstorm on the article-sweetening how-to. Not surprisingly, this is a countdown article. I do love those bullet points.


Common Housing Mistakes
-- Update --
Two New How-To articles - one of which inspired by this blog,
and the other inspired by the Auditions article, but written for
the actor, not the filmmaker. Enjoy -

Sweeten Your Article
(Not the actual article name, unfortunately)
Steal an Audition

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Making Lemonade

I want to talk about making the best out of situations that don't turn out the way you plan.

This is something that will happen in everyone's life, and moreso if you're supposed to write down things they way they were intended to happen.

While I was covering ShowEast, my assignment was to cover the Trade Show Floor. Surprise, when I got there on day one, I found out the floor itself wouldn't open for another 24 hours, so I did what I assumed anyone would do, and walked around to find alternative things to write about, however, my editor was astounded at this initiative.

First of all, when there's a paycheck involved, we should always a solid effort to find a solution. Being able to improvise could be the second most important skill to have as a journalist. (the first, of course, being the ability to string a sentence together.)

So, when the end of my life that functions as a film student started to fall into disrepair alongside the foundations of my thesis project, I was forced to take action.

Three days before intending to shoot, I fired my producer and rearranged my shooting dates. I also altered my assistant directing team and decided to produce the project myself to avoid the same mistake repeating itself.

In the universe of a senior in film school, this situation is cause for immense amounts of self-pity and despair, but I thought, hell, why not see if someone is interested in this nonsense and what might come out of it.

So, my editor at Boxoffice, always happy to hear my thoughts, is offering me a blog series on the events of this thing.

So, it turns out that the disaster of my film might pay for its own repairs. I thought I'd share, and hopefully offer some inspiration and a possible string of cravings for lemonade.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Fat

My article, Fat Boys and Girls in Theaters this Month on the new hollywood progtagonist is up now at Boxoffice.

I had the pleasure of seeing Run, Fatboy, Run at ShowEast, but signed a paper saying I can't talk about it, so you're all on your own. It's always a treat watching Pegg on screen, says I. And, as an update, I'm pretty sure the American release of Fatboy has been pushed back because it was shown at ShowEast. So, I think it's March now. I think.

In other news, I have a couple of those How-To articles up. Check them out at the following locations:

How to Save Money on your Film
How to Choose a Movie
How to Go to a Movie Alone

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've been MIA for the past few weeks revving up for the ShowEast extravaganza, and let me tell you all, it was incredible.

My articles and such, along with Brett Jaffe's are up on Boxoffice's ShowEast Page

And, for perhaps my own entertainment only, here is me with my press badge and a copy of Boxoffice Magazine

I've also recently sold another article to College Tips and hope to work for them more soon, as they've been wonderful so far.

And, I'm now an eHow expert over on So, look for me all over the place very soon.

For now, I'm back to work.