Friday, May 23, 2008

The Plan, Pt. 2 - Expenses

So, I think I might need to pick up a second, or possibly third job.  In fact, if I can just stop sleeping all together, I might stand a better chance of making it to England in the near future.

The more I think through how much I need to save, and the reality of the expenses here, the more disheartened I become.  However, I may come into a surprise windfall of luck, which I found out yesterday.  We'll see what happens.  Below, I choose to share with you, fair reader, the intimacies of my financial woe.

Check it out:

The set of costs here are what I need to leave in July, granting that everything in my bank account right now will be gone come Monday to other people I owe, so starting from scratch  - 

Expense: Cost:
Housing (2 months) $1,000
Cable/Internet (2 months) $90
Plane Ticket $500
BUNAC fund requirement $2000
Add-on Visa $130
Owed to UCF $130
Living Expenses (2 months) $800

Total $4650

Right, so obviously, I'm not making 5 grand in the next two months the way I'm moving right now.  Rent is probably the biggest hinderance here, so, maybe getting out a little earlier would save me a few hundred, but then again, maybe not.

So, right now, I'm doing some fiscal planning, trying to figure out how exactly to push these funds into my bank account in time to get the hell out of here.  Also, I've had the nasty shock today of finding out that most British employers pay monthly, not weekly or biweekly like here.

Oh well, we'll see what happens.

I'll use the above list as a checklist and keep the blog abreast of my success, granted I have any.

In other news, I have some new eHow stuff coming soon.  Perhaps supplementing my income with a few new freelancing gigs wouldn't be a bad idea, considering.

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