Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging Brilliance

So,  I've had this really evocative idea for a while, involving a blog I'd write under a pen name where I'd be perfectly comfortable disclosing intimate details about my life and my thoughts on matters because everyone would be under a pseudonym and there would be relatively little danger of anyone ever finding out it was me.

It could be sexy and risque and totally frank and entertaining, and I'd be drama free.  

I've been having trouble sleeping tonight, and this idea has been rolling around in my insomniac mind for a few hours.  Thing is, the more I think about it, the more a shame I realize it is that I feel like I need to hide behind an alias to write about the interesting stuff; and to be completely honest, I feel like I need to edit out a lot of the good stuff for this blog upon the chance that someone involved in my neuroses might stumble upon it and be alienated.

Plus, the whole reason I love writing so much is because I love peddling my stuff around to my friends and demanding feedback on it.  I like to entertain those I know, moreso than faceless strangers in a cyber void.  However, the problem still remains that if I'm to really rant about what's on my  mind, some poor guy I might be trying to woo could always find out about this page, see how obsessive I really am, and be completely freaked out.

I need an outlet, and I want to share the fun stuff with my friends, but I'm at a loss on the solution to this particular quagmire.  Suggestions are welcome, as ever.


Jesse said...

You could always pull a 1950s and keep a real journal. Or even one in Word. That's more like 1993, though.

Shannon said...

No, no, that's not the point. The point is entertaining other people with my neurotic ranting.

You, having spent years enjoying this very entertainment, should understand.

Big D said...

Just post the sexy stories here, with altered names and details. No one will know.