Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm still alive

My computer got sick. It had to go away for a while, and I was uncomfortable blogging from school. So, computer came back, symbolically very near Easter, and we're back in business.

Here's what's gone down in my blogging absence.

I'm back working for TvEnvy and FilmCrunch. I probably won't post every article I do for them individually, but there will be occasional favorites and reminders to check the sites. There should be a good one going up soon, which I will feature.

Still blogging for Weight Reduction Coach, and Cruise Ships Site when I can, though my numbers have dwindled in the absence of my computer.

I'm also doing some guest blogging for Billie Doux, which is very exciting for me, as I'm a big fan. I'm just doing summaries of the Lost Missing Pieces, but still exciting. And, I may have a new gig at the local newspaper doing community profiles, which will be good experience, since I've never really done newspapers, and it's a different type of tone.

And I'm working on some new stuff that I will inform you guys about as it becomes available.

In my personal life, I've also gotten my British Work Visa (woo!), and the job hunt hath begun. I went on Spring Break in the Carolinas and got some kick ass photos that I'll post in good time. And, I've started waitressing at the new live-band karaoke bar in CityWalk.

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