Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just wanted to share the music video I finally finished for local artist Chris Burns, on his single Focus.

Written, Directed, and Edited by yours truly.
Performed by Chris Burns, Joanna Eliza Stevens, and Johnny Sawyer.
Cinematography by Marco Cordero.
Assistant Direction by Jesse Chapman and Priscilla McEver.
Makeup and Costumes by Janine Godfrey.

I will have a list of the extras up here soon, but the band The Fling is also featured in the video, during the beach scene. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think!


Jesse said...

YES! I'm very excited about the exported file actually working. I had my doubts. Good work. I could see a future in music videos and Shannon Bennett.

Jesse said...

I request a new blog post.